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New Look and Feel

5 January 2015

New year, new look! We've given hikesmith a clean, modern new design. It's not just a pretty face though. We've improved the experience on mobile devices. If you like to share hikes with friends, it'll now look a lot better if your friends open the hike on a mobile device.

We Hope you like it. Happy new year!

How to import walks and hikes from your favourite websites

25 November 2014

Many hiking and walking websites have downloadable routes. If you've found a route you'd like to walk, you can upload it to hikesmith so that you can navigate on your iPhone. Here's how:

  1. Download the walk's GPX file

    Go to your walking or hiking website of choice and download your route as a GPX file. Most popular outdoor guides support GPX downloads. Look out for a "Download" or "Download as GPX" button on your route, and click it to get the GPX file onto your PC or laptop.

  2. Create a hike in hikesmith

    Create a hikesmith account if you don't already have one, or log in to your existing account. Click the "Create a Hike" button, then click the green "Import" button. In the upload box, select the GPX file that you downloaded in step 1, and click "OK". You might want to rename the hike at this stage, by typing a name of your choice into the "name" field. Finally, click the "Save" button.

  3. Get the hike on your iPhone

    If you haven't already got hikesmith on your iPhone, then get it from the App Store and log in. The walk will now appear in the "hikes" tab. If you've already got the app and you're logged in, then just hit the "refresh" button in the hikes tab to load the hike. Now you're ready to navigate!

Get out of Town!

25 November 2014

Londoners! What better time to head out for the great outdoors than this weekend? Yes, it's cold out there, but as your doctor will tell you , getting outdoors and being active are great ways to beat the winter blues. The Saturday Walker's Club (SWC) has an excellent database of day walks, aimed at Londoners. All of the walks are accessible via train. Here are 5 of our favourite walks. Oh, and you can use Hikesmith to navigate on your iPhone. See our earlier blog post for instructions for loading Saturday Walkers Club walks into Hikesmith.

  1. Wimbledon to Kingston

    You don’t need to venture far from Central London to commune with Nature. This is a terrific walk that takes in Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and the Thames Path.

  2. Box Hill

    People have been climbing Box Hill since the Bronze Age. Give it a go yourself with this enjoyable circular.

  3. Guildford

    This route takes in the lovely St Martha’s Hill with its church, a popular wedding spot.

  4. West Byfleet to Hampton Court

    A walk fit for a king! When we did this walk, there was a rainbow with its end seemingly at the famous Palace

  5. Cookham to Maidenhead

    This is a another pleasant walk by the Thames, with plenty of pub options.